Title 24 2019 and Beyond – SFBA Chapter Event

Rahul Athalye, Stefan Gracik
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This is a recording of a San Francisco Bay Area Chapter event, held at Affiliated Engineers Inc. in San Francisco on January 22, 2020. There was a full-house present to hear more about the night’s topic, Title 24 2019 and beyond: What’s new for non-residential buildings and how do we get to decarbonization and electrification of buildings?

Learn more about the presenters and their presentations below.

Presentation 1:

Presentation Overview: California’s 2030 goals have evolved from net-zero energy to zero carbon and electrification. This presentation will discuss new metrics presented by the Energy Commission that pave the road towards electrification and decarbonization, the possible future integration of the Standard 90.1 PRM method, and look to the future as California moves into a new era of sustainable building design.


Rahul Athalye, Program Director, Codes and Standards, NORESCO

Rahul leads codes and standards development at NORESCO. His team provides technical support to the California Energy Commission and investor-owned utilities in the form of research, policy development, and energy modeling expertise. His team is also involved in developing a roadmap for Washington State to achieve its energy reduction targets by 2030. Rahul is a voting member of the ASHRAE Standard 90.1 Envelope Subcommittee and has been a past scientific committee chair of the joint ASHRAE-IBPSA BPACS conference.

Presentation 2:

Presentation overview: California updates the Title 24, Part 6 energy code every 3 years. The most recent update for 2019 goes into effect in January 2020. While many resources are available to find out about major changes to the code, fewer go into detail about the process by which these changes are made. Stefan will discuss the 2019 code change cycle, with a focus on the process used for nonresidential HVAC changes, and how energy modeling was used to inform the feasibility and impact of changes to Title 24, covering the cost-effectiveness studies which were carried out, and the eventual changes to the code language and compliance software. Finally, Stefan will summarize how you can get involved in future codes and standards processes, including Title 24 2022, and ASHRAE 90.1.


Stefan Gracik, PE, CPHC, Alter Consulting Engineers

Stefan is a Co-Founder and Senior Building Performance engineer at Alter Consulting Engineers, an Oakland-based “Micro-MEP” firm focused on the design of Zero Energy and High Performance buildings, and codes and standards consulting. Stefan has spent over seven years working in building science and modeling, acting as a bridge between architecture and engineering, pursuing designs which are more comfortable with lower carbon impacts. He is passionate about evolving building codes to aid in California’s goal of carbon neutrality by 2045.

Title 24 2019, non-residential buildings, Decarbonization, Standard 90.1, electrification