Project StaSIO: Connecting Performance Questions with Graphic Outputs – Free to View

Rushyan Yen, Supriya Goel, Michael Sawford
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Building performance simulations are a critical tool for designing buildings that meet our urgent sustainability goals. Yet they are only effective if they can communicate results and conclusions that align with the environmental, economic and social aspirations of the project.

When the results of simulations are shared in lengthy reports, endless tables or complicated graphics, architects and owners have a difficult time understanding and distilling this data into a format that can inform design decisions.

This presentation will identify some of the challenges of communicating building simulation results and outline strategies to overcome these obstacles to ensure this important data has an impact on influencing building design – especially early in the design process when critical choices are being made.

The presenters will outline a process, based on ASHRAE Standard 209, to alleviate ambiguous modeling results by clearly defining various analysis scenarios undertaken at the early design stage and the corresponding granularity of inputs and outputs that serve the intent of the analysis.

Presenters From the StaSIO Team:

Rushyan Yen, LMN Architects

Supriya Goel, PNNL

Michael Sawford, EDSL

The focus of the session will be on Project StaSIO, a crowd-sourced, public website that connects performance questions with graphics from simulation outputs. Supported by IBPSA-USA, Project StaSIO aims to be a resource for building performance simulators looking for ways to graphically communicate their simulation outputs in a clear and compelling manner, empowering them to make a real impact in the performance of a future building.

Poject StaSIO Team:

Kjell Anderson, LMN Architects

Jacob Dunn, ZGF

Alejandra Menchaca, Thornton Tomasetti

Michael Sawford, EDSL

Amarpreet Sethi, tk1sc

Aman Singhvi, AECOM

Rushyan Yen, LMN Architects

Tarek Rakha, Georgia Institute of Technology

Supriya Goel, PNNL

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