Best Practices for Reviewing Building Simulation Papers – Free to View

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How do I judge the content of a paper on a subject I’m not familiar with? How can I give constructive feedback to improve a paper’s quality? When should I reject a paper? This Research Committee presentation will cover best practices for reviewing conference and journal papers. Using example feedback and discussion, its goal is to help you to offer critical and constructive feedback when you are tasked to review papers. This presentation is aimed primarily at reviewers for BPAC 2020.


Dr. Nathaniel Jones is a building scientist, educator, and software developer. He is currently an Advanced Technology & Research analyst at Arup in San Francisco. He is the developer of Accelerad, a suite of open-source GPU-based lighting and daylighting simulation tools used by architects, engineers, and educators around the world. Nathaniel is active in the building science community and serves as chair of the International Building Performance Simulation Association-USA chapter’s Research Committee and subcommittee on Emerging Simulation Technologies. He is the author of multiple journal and conference papers related to building energy and daylighting simulation, and he has regularly been an invited speaker on the application of parallel computation to building

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