Automated Modeling & Analytics of SageGlass Multi-Zone Electrochromic Glazing

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This Research Committee talk will provide a background on Electrochromic (EC) Glazing and new ways of modeling and analyzing its performance. Specifically, multi-zone EC glazings provide additional operational flexibility and occupant benefits. However, this results in a more complicated simulation process. We will compare a traditional workflow with a modern web and cloud-based solution to these additional complications. This new collaborative workflow provides fast, intelligent, and reproducible analysis that can be easily shared among all stakeholders.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the benefits of using multi-zone Electrochromic (EC) glass
  • Learn new workflows for modeling complex control algorithms
  • How to generate key analytics for comparing EC glass to alternatives


Ahoo Malekafzali Ardakan, PhD

Ahoo Malekafzali is Senior Technical Solutions Consultant at SageGlass, Electrochromic glazing manufacturer. She provides consultation on numerous projects demonstrating performance and benefits of electrochromic glazing through daylighting, energy and comfort analysis. She also supports product development by design and optimization of Electrochromic control algorithm. Ahoo holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Design from North Carolina State University, where she started her research on Electrochromic glazing technology.

Mike DiPompeo, PhD

Mike is a senior software engineer and the product lead at LightStanza, working closely with all members of the team to provide a seamless transition from R+D conception to user-facing implementation. His primary responsibilities are the continued enhancement of LightStanza’s simulation engine and development of new analytical tools.

Mike honed his scientific, computing, and project management skills as an astrophysicist studying supermassive black holes. After obtaining his PhD in physics from the University of Wyoming and working as a postdoctoral researcher at Dartmouth College, he moved on to studying light in a different way as an engineer at LightStanza.

Daniel Glaser, PhD, IES, LEED AP – Principal, LightStanza

Dan is the founder of LightStanza and leads LightStanza’s R+D efforts.  Glaser is an active member of the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) Daylight Metrics Committee, and has spoken and published extensively in several top-tier lighting, green-building, and computer science venues. Glaser received a BS in Computer Science from Columbia University, MEng Computer Science from Cornell, and MS Arch and Interdisciplinary PhD from UC Berkeley. Prior to founding LightStanza, Glaser was a Visiting Assistant Professor at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Glaser has been the Principal Investigator for several grants including from the US Department of Energy, National Science Foundation, and Colorado Advanced Industries.

Electrochromic Glazing, multi-zone EC glazing, Multi-Zone Electrochromic Glazing, BEM, building energy modeling