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IBPSA-USA strives to keep its members connected to all available information resources and tools.

Building Energy Software Tools Directory

We were asked by the Department of Energy in late 2014 to take over the managment of the Building Energy Simulation Tools web directory (BEST-D). We have now revamped the directory and are accepting software submissions from the community. The BEST Directory accepts software with a wide-array of capabilities–from whole-building energy simulation, to water use analysis. Most titles that are useful to professionals and researchers in the energy field are included. Of course, your comments and suggestion on how we might make the directory better are welcome.


Unmet Hours

Unmet Hours is a question-and-answer (Q+A) forum for building energy modelers. It’s simple. You ask a question. Other modelers answer it. The best answer gets voted to the top. Or search on your topic and you might just find that your question has already been asked and answered. And give back to the community (while showing off your expertise and earning good Karma) by helping other modelers with their questions.


BEM Library

The Building Energy Modeling (BEM) Library demonstration website was created to advance the use of building simulation modeling in efficiency projects. It provides information resources for three audiences – Owners & Managers, Practitioners, and Financiers. For Owners & Managers, the BEM Library provides information to support defining and procuring modeling services for commercial new construction, renovation, or operation improvement projects. Guidelines and examples outline the value of modeling, types of services, and an example solicitation. For Practitioners, the BEM Library aims to improve standardization, expedite modeler training and expand the building energy modeling workforce. The industry needs to have modeling best-practice methods defined, documented and made readily available.


BEMbook Wiki

This BEMBook wiki is a web-based, free content project by IBPSA-USA to develop an online compendium of the domain of Building Energy Modeling (BEM). The intention is to delineate a cohesive body of knowledge for building energy modeling. IBPSA-USA invites all interested members of the community of building energy modelers and related disciplines to contribute to developing, maintaining and refining the BEMBOOK compendium on this wiki. Please register and add a new article or contribute to an existing article!