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Frontiers of Energy Management and Technology Innovation (FEMTI) 2021

The first edition of the Frontiers of Energy Management and Technology Innovation – FEMTI 2021 Conference will be held from 16 to 17 December 2021 exclusively online. View the conference flyer here, and check-out the program here.

The conference, funded by the University of Pisa, is organized by the PhD course belonging to the Department of Energy, Systems, Territory and Construction (DESTeC) of the Pisa School of Engineering. The event, whose participation is open and free, is mainly addressed to PhD students in the area of ​​environmental and energy technical physics belonging to other universities. The scientific committee of the conference will select some of the papers submitted, which will be chosen for publication in a Special Issuededicated, at a discounted price. In recent decades, awareness of sustainability issues and the need to reduce energy consumption has increased considerably, due to the need to find solutions to several relevant issues such as climate change induced by human activities. Furthermore, in line with the problem of correct energy management, the increase in the time people spend indoors has led to the need to provide safe and healthy indoor environments, also in relation to the current pandemic situation and future developments. Environmental Quality Analysis (IEQ) is gaining widespread recognition in cutting-edge research as an element that combines and unites energy efficiency, savings and well-being. To highlight the greatest innovations in this field, the themes of the conference, and consequently those of the Special Issue, will focus on:

• Energy performance of the built environment

• Management and integration of renewable energy

• Energy management in industrial systems

• Thermal control in a hostile environment

• Internal environmental quality

• Energy simulation of buildings

• Thermal comfort and localized comfort

• Systems for personal comfort

Learn more and register on the conference website.


Dec 16 - 17 2021




DESTeC Department, University of Pisa
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