System Analyzer


Software package for load calculation and energy and economic comparative analysis. System Analyzer permits a quick evaluation of virtually any building, system, and equipment combination. Thus, it can be used either as a scoping tool to decide what systems may be appropriate for an initial design, or to get a general feeling of how one system/equipment combination may perform over another. If a certain combination seems especially promising, further analysis can be done by exporting inputs into TRACE 700. The possibilities are endless. And since the program is Windows-based, virtually anyone with minimal HVAC training and experience can use it.

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Air Flow Simulation
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Commercial, Residential
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January 23, 2009
Basic knowledge of HVAC equipment, systems and terms.
Utility companies and ESCOs who wish to promote alternative cooling strategies; architects and marketing persons who may use this as a powerful, interactive presentation tool; and mechanical engineers who design, size and calculate energy consumption for HVAC systems.
Building design parameters, system configurations and utility rates.
Print any of the 30 design and analysis reports and graphs such as building loads, equipment energy consumption, economic analysis, yearly cash flows and monthly building load profiles for comparisons or presentations.
System Analyzer is a powerful, interactive presentation tool and it’s graphical interface allows even a beginner with minimal HVAC experience to get a complete energy and economic analysis in as little as 10 minutes. The graphs, when printed on a color printer, provide powerful visual proof for proposals to justify better HVAC systems.