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Snugg Pro is a cloud-based auditing and sales tool for home performance professionals. It runs in your web browser so you can use it on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux. Snugg Pro is not suitable for homes outside of the US. Automatic syncing lets you collaborate with multiple users and devices in real-time, even on the same job. No need to buy new equipment – it runs on PCs (Mac OSX & Windows), Tablets (iOS, Android, Windows 8) and Smartphones (iOS & Android). The highly customizable audit and sales report is designed to quickly convert audits into sales. Try Snugg Pro for free here Features

  • Cloud-based online tool – Your data is securely stored in the cloud.
  • Automatic syncing lets you collaborate with multiple users in real-time (even on the same job).
  • Fast and powerful modern user interface dynamically adapts to your smart phone, tablet or computer
  • Your jobs are always in sync across all your devices. This means you can walk through the house with a smart phone and then use your computer back at the office to prepare the report.
  • Runs on PCs (Mac OS X & Windows), Tablets (iOS, Android, Windows 8), Smartphones (iOS & Android)
  • Custom recommendations provide great flexibility to allow for complex scenarios, including those that go beyond energy efficiency into home improvements and renewable energy
  • Highly customizable audit and sales report is designed to quickly convert audits into sales.

Read about Snugg Pro’s powerful collaboration features. User management:

  • Easily invite unlimited users to join your company
  • Set user roles for individuals
  • Assign users to specific jobs
  • See all jobs across all users within your company
  • See all your companies with a single Snugg Pro account (useful if you work with multiple companies)

Job management:

  • Sort and search jobs by program, company, auditor, stage and more
  • Export jobs in HPXML
  • Offer program financing and/or custom financing with built-in loan calculator
  • Create company-wide or user-specific job templates
  • Beautiful homeowner report is flexible and optimized for conversion. Download a sample report

Admin management: Admin tools are available for efficiency programs so you can review reports generated by contractors within your program. Ask us about premium reporting and analytics solutions for your program or large company.

Snugg Pro is not suitable for homes outside of the US.

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US Only
Major Capabilities:
Load Calculations, Energy Conservation Measures, Utility Bill and Meter Data Analysis, Building Energy Auditing
Building Type:
Free To Try
Help And Support:
Free Email Support, Free Chat/IM Support, Free Phone Support
Last Software Update:
September 23, 2015
BPI certification is recommended but not required.
* Home energy auditors * Home performance contractors * Residential contractors * energy efficiency programs
Initial input screen allows for very simple inputs that can be gathered and entered in less than 20 minutes. Detailed inputs are available for more specific information gathering and increased accuracy.
HPXML and PDF. The Snugg Pro customized homeowner reports are available in pdf format. Users can choose which pages of the report they want to generate, personalized with company logo and contact info, as well as program information, program logo, financing and rebates if applicable. The user also chooses which standard or customized recommendations to include on the report and allows for comments, concerns, photos, and photo captions. Technical specifications, Health & Safety, and Glossary of Terms are also optional to include in the report. Try Snugg Pro for free here [https://snuggpro.com/?adgroup=best-site]
The tool is simple enough for a “lightly” trained contractor to perform a quick energy assessment or “clipboard audit” with good estimates of energy savings and minimal inputs. However, it is powerful enough for a BPI-certified professional to perform a comprehensive energy audit with thermal imaging and blower door testing for highly accurate energy savings predictions.