Psychrometric Analysis Design Suite


Provides complete psychrometric analysis, displaying systems directly on the psychrometric chart. Psychrometric Analysis Reports include psychrometric chart with plot, notes, etc; state point and process report and psychrometric flow chart diagram. Weather data and/or bin data is provided for cities throughout the world and can be displayed on the chart as data or bins, or can be displayed in a user defined data table for importing into other programs. Psychrometric Analysis supports both IP and SI units along with 13 different languages with one button click.

Other engineering tools provided with Psychrometric Analysis include Thermal Comfort Calculator, Climatic Data Calculator, Outside Air Calculator, Steam Property Calculator, Motor Heat Calculator, Wind Chill Calculator, Single/Double Interpolation/Extrapolation Calculator, Unit Conversion Calculator, Psychrometric Calculator, Fan Law Calculator, Duct Design Calculator and Financial Loan Calculator.

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United States
Major Capabilities:
Weather Data and Climate Analysis
Building Type:
Windows, Web/Saas
Reduced for Non-Commercial/Academic Use, Free To Try
Help And Support:
Free Email Support, Subscription Phone Support
Last Software Update:
January 15, 2016
Basic Psychrometric and Engineering Knowledge is useful.
Scientist, engineers, contractors and educators.
The user needs basic dry-bulb point data to enter information. Information is entered through on-screen Windows type dialogs.
All results are available for printing including psychrometric charts, state point and process analysis, psychrometric process flow chart diagrams, etc. Reports can be printed or can automatically be saved as a PDF.
Psychrometric and weather data analysis