Program that provides a number of services useful to engineers and other professionals working in the HVAC and related fields.

PsyCalc® is an electronic psychrometric calcultion tool that operates over a wide range of temperatures, moisture content and pressures. With two inputs, psychrometric properties and pressure, PsyCalc® returns eleven key properties. PsyCalc® contains Climatic Design Information, licensed from ASHRAE presented in an easy to use interface with additional calculation features. PsyCalc® includes a mixing airstream calculator for air flow rates upto 1,000,000 cfm. PsyCalc® operates in English or SI units and can be used to convert values from one system to the other. PsyCalc® includes many usability features such as saving and printing your work, saving user defaults and use of minimal screen space. Visit the PsyCalc® Facebook page to learn more about current activities including exciting information about the upcoming 20th anniversary edition of PsyCalc®

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Weather Data and Climate Analysis, Other
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February 3, 2015
No special expertise is required.
Engineers and other professionals who’s work involves psychrometrics, much like a hammer is a tool for a carpenter.
Psychrometric properties and air volumetric flow rates via keyboard input or by using on-screen incremental buttons, (spin buttons).
Displayed directly on screen and can be saved in a log for printing or saving to a tab delimited file.
Quick and accurate source for psychrometric properties, ASHRAE Climatic Design Information.