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Save yourself thousands in wasted time and travel expenses and learn OpenStudio On Demand. Plus, you will learn quickly without dealing with the disruptions of a classroom. This course takes 2 days in a classroom environment, but some superstar users have finished it in 4 hours with great results. Start with a set of drawings and create an OpenStudio file. You will draw the 3D building and then take the model to completion by adding HVAC systems, plants, economics and more. You will see exactly you how to complete a real project step by step. There is no other training/tutorial that will teach you this much, this efficiently. Import 2D Geometry Create 3D Geometry in Sketcup Add custom windows Setup and view thermal zones Set the weather file and location Create schedules Customize Construction Materials Enter interior and exterior Loads Define Space types Assign Single zone systems Implement VAV Systems Create your own HVAC system Customize output variables Calculate and view results

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Windows, Mac OS X
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December 12, 2017
Beginners welcome but useful for intermediate users
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