NEO Net Energy Optimizer® is an online SaaS energy modeling tool that streamlines whole building analyses of HVAC systems and energy conservation measures for commercial buildings with the versatility to support product comparisons, existing building energy audits and new construction from early design through construction. NEO uses default inputs from vetted industry standards (ASHRAE, COMNET, RS Means) to automate the modeling process. All inputs are customizable where additional details are known. NEO supports 40+ commercial building types (including mixed-use and multifamily) and 250+ operational and capital improvement measures coupled with automated ASHRAE Standard 90.1 and IECC baselines. NEO performs both an HVAC Life Cycle Cost Analysis to help users make faster, more-informed HVAC decisions and a Rating Analysis to empower users to evaluate the ROI of energy conservation measures to assist with specifying, designing and maintaining higher-performing buildings. NEO increases efficiency of product selection and design decisions by providing both energy savings and ROI information. NEO graphically reports results, generates downloadable input/simulation files, and creates CSV and MS Word documents detailing key model inputs and outputs. NEO is web-based, touch friendly, and requires no software installation.

Whole Building Energy Simulation, HVAC System Selection and Sizing, Code Compliance, Ratings and Certificates, Building Energy Auditing
Commercial, Multi Family
whole building simulation, energy audit, HVAC Equipment and System sizing, code compliance, leed,
Architects, Engineers, Property Owners, Product Manufacturers, Utilities, Program Implementers, Energy Consultants
User friendly web interface. Automated default inputs using vetted industry (ASHRAE, COMNET, RS Means) standards. All inputs are customizable where details are known.
Analyses HVAC Life Cycle Cost Analysis: compare up to three HVAC systems side by side Rating Analysis: validated results in real-time for hundreds of proven energy efficiency options specific to your project Architecture 2030: calculate your target and track your design against the target. Upload results directly to the AIA 2030 DDx Code Compliance: numerous ASHRAE and IECC standards to support code compliance modeling in multiple jursidictions User Interface Focus on results that matter to you. Configure exactly how you’d like your results presented and watch them udpate in real time on the Results Dashboard Resutls Visualizations means you can dive into the model details and view monthly and annual results such as fuel source, end use, CO2, and cost Deliverables Downloadable input (.inp) and output simulation (.sim) files Downloadable CSV (.csv) output results file Downloadable MS Word Results Report – client ready on download and fully editable
Versatility – NEO is designed to meet your unique energy modeling needs. The tool adapts to provide the flexiblity to model new or existing buildings, peforms product comparisons, utilizes automated industry standard inputs or manual user defined inputs, and provides multiple analysis types. Easy to use – Powerful in its simplicity, NEO utilizes automation to streamline the energy modeling process, making it easy for stakeholders to maximize building performance in new and existing buildings of any type, size, or age. Fast – NEO produces results in seconds, not hours or days allowing the user to focus on the how the building performs and not the tedious tasks often associated with buildng a whole building energy simulation. Validated – NEO utilizes hundreds of industry standard data points. The tool has been through multiple third party utility program technical reviews and utilizes the transparent DOE 2 simulation engine.