MODEN is a software that simulates different (heterogeneous) energy systems (heating, electricity, hydraulic and others) with 1 ms time step or unlimited life-time preformation simulation. The main emphasis of the MODEN is on its ability to simulate energy systems related to technological material flow for synchronization of energy consumption and industrial output. The software assigns for simulating energy systems of industrial buildings, but can also be used for simulating buildings intended for public-use and dwelling houses. MODEN makes it easy to study physical processes occurring in energy systems. The basis is the theory, according to which any energy system consists of 4 elements: channel (or parameter), port (or flow), object and structure. Each of these elements has a prototype in the library of typical elements. These elements allow users to create the model of the system, which can be corrected with the library of model elements. For example: structure – ventilation system (building, heating system,…..), object – air duct (water pipe, fan, heatexchanger,…..), port – air (water, electricity, gas,….), and channel – temperature (flow rate, pressure, enthalpy and others). Each model (or its part) can be saved as a template for later use. Most templates are created for HVAC application. Movement of templates and model elements is carried out by a “drag & drop” method. The software allows users to connect objects (structures) in the model with equipment and materials data base. In the program, you can make both verification and constructive calculations. The limitations of MODEN are that it cannot work with 3D geometry and BIM, for now.

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Whole Building Energy Simulation, Other
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Subsystem Level
English, Russian
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August 15, 2017
Users of the program are divided into two levels: the developers of mathematical models and users of ready-made models (calculators, in the terminology of the program). For users of the first level, knowledge of experts in the specialty is required. For users of the second level, no special knowledge is required. The program does not require knowledge in programming.
HVAC designers, sustainable design engineers, simulation experts, researchers, students.
Climatic data of the locality, equipment and materials base, reference data, the library of model elements and previously created templates.
MODEN helps create text reports, oscilloscopes, various graphics and visualizations up to the animation. Reports can be saved in Excel format.
The program allows users to model a system of different physical nature jointly. The solution of systems of equations is performed by Seidel’s method (this method allows the most natural way to solve systems of equations). The user-expert writes only the required algebraic equations. By using the calculator, the user of the second level can run the model, see reports of results and change various parameters, equipments, data of climate, etc.