LightStanza is a daylighting tool that is simple to use, yet does not oversimplify daylight solutions. This is an independent, focused, accurate platform that can empower you to achieve better daylighting in all of your projects. Its top features include: 1. Easy-to-use web interface 2. Workflow accelerators – One-click analyses. Produce information on the fly to help you understand complex problems in a visual way. 3. Rapid iterations – Allows for immediate visualizations of daylight strategies in schematic design. 4. Flexibility – Easily manipulate materials and layers to continually test and refine your model during design development. 5. LEED support – Quickly generate LEED scores and printable forms to submit to the USGBC for Daylight Credits. 6. Blinds operation – Calculates and provides intuitive renderings of how blinds operate over a day, which is required for Spatial Daylight Autonomy. 7. Animations – Obtain elegant time-series animations of daylighting effects within any space of your model. 8. Downloadable images 9. Glare analysis – Instantly calculate glare on real data using Daylight Glare Probability. 10. Advanced Camera Tools – Apply false-color renderings, along with fisheye and perspective lenses across entire sheets of images! 11. Help guides – An online system to help you understand daylighting concepts and metrics vis a vis LightStanza. 12. Consistent product representation – Ensure product is simulated consistently across users and platforms. 13. Customizable Grids – Apply personalized color schemes and graphic styles to your images. 14. Track your Activity – Navigate through your projects and simulations easily with your Activity Bar. 15. Fast and Accurate Annuals 16. Automatic Window Grouping – For LEED v4 and sDA calculations, save time with automatic window grouping by height, type, orientation, and location. 17. Comparison tables – Compare your designs’ renderings, grids, and animations. 18. Spatial Daylight Autonomy – The only cloud-based software that can quickly and accurately calculate sDA by simulating dynamic blinds operation. And more!

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United States
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Weather Data and Climate Analysis, Lighting Simulation
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Commercial, Residential, Multi Family
Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, Web/Saas
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Free Email Support, Free Phone Support
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February 23, 2016
Architects, Consultants, Daylight Product Manufacturers, Interior Designers, Lighting Designers, Architectural Engineers
SketchUp models
Point-in-time analysis Illuminance Grids Renderings Animations sDA, ASE, cDA, DA, UDI, Average Illuminance LEED Scorecards Daylight Factor Certification Glare analysis – Daylight Glare Probability
The only software to accurately simulate Spatial Daylight Autonomy scores with blinds operating Start-to-finish tool Easy to use Web-based