HVAC ResLoad-J for the iPad


The HVAC ResLoad-J app from Carmel is an ACCA-approved Manual J8 residential load calculation app for the Apple iPad. It allows engineers, contractors, and technicians to perform field-based cooling and heating load calculations on residential and small commercial buildings. Users are then able to email PDF reports to customers and local building officials. Reports produced by this app will be acceptable by all municipalities/states (including Florida and Massachusetts which recently passed laws requiring contractors to submit load calcs from ACCA-approved software.)

The HVAC ResLoad-J app allows users to create unlimited projects and perform both block and room-by-room loads. The app includes weather data for 1000s of cities throughout the world and construction data for 100s of wall, floor, roof, ceiling, and window types. The user is also able to model detailed appliance, duct, infiltration, and ventilation loads.

The HVAC ResLoad-J app was specifically designed for the Apple iPad, taking advantage of the larger screen, rotating user interface, and other functionality unique to the iPad. This app is similar to our very popular HVAC Residential Load Calcs HD app for the iPad, and it includes many of the same inputs and results. However, the “J” app is ACCA-approved, and thus requires much more detailed analysis of the building.

Other features include:

1. Includes a 1000+ world-wide city weather database

2. Allows you to create and store an unlimited number of projects. You can also re-use existing projects as templates for new projects.

3. Includes data for 100s of construction types for walls, roofs, floors, doors, windows, skylights, and ceilings.

4. Allows you to specify an unlimited # of building envelope types (i.e. – doors, walls, roofs, floors, ceilings), window types, and skylight types for each building.

5. Allows you to input individual home appliance information.

6. Allows you to instantly view total heating and cooling load results as you update input data.

7. Allows you to view comprehensive cooling and heating load breakdown reports including breakdown by envelope load, window load, skylight load, infiltration load, ventilation load and internal load contributions.

8. Also performs room-by-room cooling and heating load calc analysis

9. Includes the ability to display a wide variety of on-screen reports including checksum reports (ie – BTUh/SqFt, SqFt/Ton, etc.), complete heating and cooling load breakdown reports, and even graphically-pleasing pie charts showing cooling and heating load breakdowns. These reports can be converted to PDFs and emailed from right within the app.

10. Includes the ability to display a comprehensive HTML report that you can email to yourself or others, and it also includes a spreadsheet attachment that you can open in Excel to create customized reports.

11. Includes the ability to display units in either English (IP) or Metric (SI).

12. Includes full PDF input reports

The benefits of using this app are numerous including:

1. Great for use out in the field. Quickly size heating and cooling equipment, show the client, then email the results back to your office for further analysis.

2. Show off your advanced on-screen reports to clients convincing them you are using cutting-edge technology.

3. Save time by inputting information in the field and then returning to your office to perform more in-depth analysis.

4. Submit reports to local municipalities that require ACCA-approved Manual J8 residential load calcs for equipment replacement.

This app also includes the HVAC Equipment Locator module that lets users track, share, and customize equipment nameplate and maintenance data, including:

1. Track all of equipment location, nameplate, and maintenance data along with photos and spec sheets

2. Share all of this data with other authorized users

3. Customize the app input screens so users can store and view the exact data about building, equipment, or maintenance events. Perfect for performing commissioning and other specialized activities.

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United States
Major Capabilities:
Load Calculations, HVAC System Selection and Sizing, Code Compliance, Ratings and Certificates
Building Type:
Commercial, Residential, Multi Family
Mac OS X
Help And Support:
Free Email Support, Peer Support Forum, Free Phone Support
Last Software Update:
October 12, 2020
Basic understanding of what peak HVAC cooling and heating loads are and how they are used to size equipment.
HVAC technicians, contractors, engineers, homeowners, and architects
Building geometry, ventilation properties, duct properties, infiltration properties, interior load profiles, envelope geometry and types, window geometry and types, skylight geometry and types, indoor set points, weather data, and overall construction characteristics
Total cooling and heating loads along with their detailed breakdowns. Includes psychrometric outputs, total airflows, and rule-of-thumb values. Report formats included PDF, HTML, and Excel.
Great for use out in the field to perform comprehensive cooling and heating loads for the client and keep track of equipment maintenance.