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The US Department of Energy’s Home Energy Score is a nationally standardized “miles per gallon” type rating for single family homes.  The Score provides homeowners, buyers and sellers an affordable, reliable and easy way to understand a home’s energy performance.  The score provides a 1-10 Score for the house, along with a list of cost effective improvements that may increase the Score, lower utility bills, and make the house more comfortable.  The tool is available online and is accessible once an assessor is qualified.  More information on becoming an assessor is available here.

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United States
Major Capabilities:
Energy Conservation Measures, Ratings and Certificates, Building Energy Auditing
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October 27, 2017
A basic understanding of the structure of a house. The ability to use tools to collect the information about a house. One of the certifications listed here [betterbuildingssolutioncenter.energy.gov/home-energy-score/become-assessor]
* Home Inspectors * Energy Auditors * Home Energy Raters * Remodelers * HVAC technicians * Other energy efficiency/green building raters
Approximately 45 house characteristics that can be collected in less than an hour, e.g. age, number of stories, number of bedrooms, insulation levels, heating, cooling and hot water system information. A list of required inputs is available here[betterbuildingssolutioncenter.energy.gov/sites/default/files/attachments/A3%20-%20Tool%20Data%20Collection%20Form%20%28v.2017%29.pdf].
A 1-10 Score (10 is best) and a list of cost-effective upgrades that can be applied to improve it.
* Low Cost * Easy to understand report * Quick * Accurate * Provides customized recommendations * Does not require high level certification * No required diagnostics * Good marketing tool * May be available through the energy auditing software you are using (check with software provider or review the list here[betterbuildingssolutioncenter.energy.gov/home-energy-score/home-energy-score-partners-partner-resources])