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Hancock’s HEAT Energy Audit Tool is an energy auditing app for the iPad that energy models single family and manufactured homes. HEAT works offline, disconnected from the internet, enabling you to weatherize in remote areas. It holds the data until you are connected to the internet again, and then syncs with an online workflow system. HEAT is approved by the Department of Energy for full house energy audits, but can also be used in “quick audit” mode. Take photos with mobile devices or cameras, these photos are integrated into the electronic audit tool and viewed through an online gallery. HEAT gathers many different kinds of data in the field, but the best part is the data entry fields and picklists are customizable through an online interface. HEAT Features: Electronic Signatures for client documents Supports single family and manufactured home Energy Modeling, Priority List or Quick Audits Customize data entry Diagnostic testing (worst case depressurization, indoor air quality tests, duct cfm, ASHRAE 62.2-2013, Manual J equivalent) Client Education Reports Questionnaires Health and Safety measures SIR calculations All building types — single family, mobile home, multi-family (coming in summer of 2017) Work Orders Inventory Management Quality Control Post Inspections on Mobile Frequently updated with the industry’s latest requirements URL: http://www.hancocksoftware.com/

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Major Capabilities:
Whole Building Energy Simulation, Energy Conservation Measures, Building Energy Auditing
Building Type:
Windows, Mac OS X, Web/Saas
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Free Email Support, Free Phone Support
Last Software Update:
June 21, 2016
A HEAT video training series will teach any skill level how to use Hancock’s HEAT energy audit app for Quick Audits or whole-house energy modeling.
Utilities, Weatherization Programs, Community Action Agencies, Energy Efficiency Contractors
House Dimensions Weather Location Envelope Blower Door Tests Heating, Cooling and Zonal Systems KWH Appliances Optional: Pressure Pan Duct Testing Worst Case Depressurization ASHRAE 62.2 calculators
Energy Savings Peak Demand Savings SIR calculations Easy-to-understand Home Owner Reports Multi-scenario reporting
Simple, easy-to-use Runs offline on mobile tablets Energy modeling calculations approved by the Department of Energy Customizable for any type of efficiency program