FREE Building Modeling for Energy Conservation


FREE bin-weather modeling software provide accurate energy savings and penalties within seconds through your browser. Easier than complex whole-building models and more precise than typical calculations, the user is provided with 8,760-hour energy conservation calculations that specify annual kWh savings, heating fuel savings, total MMBtu savings, and cost savings in an quick, useful format useful enough for high level energy audits and rebate programs. Energy conservation measures are individually calculated within seconds right within the user’s web-browser. Major commercial energy systems are covered, including air-handling systems, boilers, chillers, building envelope, lighting, and control systems by calculating both savings AND penalties. The software modeling is easy enough to operate to allow user’s to quickly evaluate design alternatives to maximize impact. Most modeling software is either too complex to be used effectively or too simplified to give reliable results. This software bridges that gap to provide calculations quickly with minimal effort, while still providing results accurate enough for use in rebate programs and project proposals. The project was design with the following users in mind: -Facility Owners/Operators: The software provides a reliable means to check against project proposals to ensure that contractors are not over-promising savings potential or to prioritize what energy conservation projects can provide the largest impact to meet your goals. Increase your ability to garner utility rebates through custom project analysis. -Contractors: Provide a more polished and comprehensive proposal to gain an advantage over your competitors. Easily documented graphs and tables create impressive presentations without investing extensive time and money into energy analysis. Quickly assess design alternatives and find the balance point between savings and penalties to optimize your project. Utility Companies: Have the ability to quickly assess rebate savings claims anywhere there is an internet connection. Create increased rebate program support by making it as easy as possible for users to calculate energy projects accurately and quickly. The current version covers the following energy conservation measures: -Estimate Air-Handler Load -Temperature Setpoint Adjustment -Boiler Outdoor Air Temperature Reset -Boiler Pump and/or Motor Upgrade -Boiler Variable Flow Conversion -Boiler Upgrade -Pipe Insulation Projects -Fixing Faulty Steam Traps/Steam Leaks -Chiller Upgrade -Converted Throttled Chiller Flow to Variable-Frequency-Drive -Convert Chiller Secondary Pumps to Variable Flow -Chilled Water Outdoor Air Temperature Reset -Chiller Pumps and/or Motor Upgrade -Condenser Water Temperature Reset -Fan Schedule Change -Adding an Economizer -Constant-Air-Volume to Variable-Air-Volume Conversion -Adding Air-Handler Energy Recovery -Fan Motor Upgrade -Duct Static-Pressure Reduction -Change in Outdoor Air Percentage -Supply Air Temperature OA Reset -Remedying Simultaneous Heating and Cooling -Lighting Upgrade (Indoor or Outdoor) -Building Envelope Upgrade

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Major Capabilities:
Energy Conservation Measures, Utility Bill and Meter Data Analysis, Weather Data and Climate Analysis, Building Energy Auditing
Building Type:
Commercial, Residential, Multi Family
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May 1, 2019
Basic energy audit and building load data such as heating/cooling loads, airflow, etc.
Facility Users and Owners Contractors Energy Utility Companies
Basic system parameters such as load size, AHU design type, etc.
kWh savings heating fuel savings total MMBtu savings cost savings
Ease of use Accuracy