Engineering Toolbox


Collection of seven small but useful engineering calculation programs:

  • Power Factor Correction Calculator – Calculates the trigonometric relationships between power factor, kW, kVs and Amps for electric motors. Allows you to quickly find the nominal size capacitor needed to correct your AC motor’s power to a desired power factor.
  • Properties of Air – An electronic version of the Trane psychrometric chart. You enter any two properties of a known quantity of air and the program calculates several other properties.
  • Mixed Air Properties – Enter information about two known quantities of air and the program returns properties for the mixture of the two quantities.
  • Fluid Properties – Will return physical properties of five different fluids used in HVAC applications including water, ethylene glycol, and propylene glycol.
  • Refrigerant Properties – Calculates several properties of ten commonly used refrigerants.
  • Refrigerant Line Sizing – Combines refrigerant properties and piping design fundamentals. Computes line sizes for suction, discharge, and liquid lines of split systems using R-12 or R-22.
  • Ductulator – An electronic version of the Trane® manual Ductulator®. Allows you to determine appropriate sizes for individual pieces of ductwork. Uses equal friction method for sizing.
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September 21, 2012
Basic knowledge of Windows navigation and specific properties of the situation to be analyzed.
Engineers, system designers, and others looking for quick engineering results in a variety of applications.
Inputs vary depending upon which application is being used. In general, parameters include Rated Load Amps, air quantity, air temperature, pressure, refrigerant line length, duct friction rate, etc.
Output varies depending upon which application is being used. In general, calculated values include corrected power factor, properties such as viscosity, conductivity, and enthalpy, and recommended pipe or duct size.
Simple to use and navigate, with easy to read on-screen or printable output reports. Future Enhancements: Palm Pilot application, unit conversion calculator, fan law calculator, adding additional refrigerants to Refrigerant Properties & Refrigerant Line Sizing.