EnExPlan is a web based software that is designed to help the user rapidly and intuitively create virtually any type of building, find energy saving opportunities and run simulations to evaluate the saving potentials. EnExPlan can also be used to optimize building systems before they are built. The software is enterprise based and allows for an unlimited number of users to have access at the same time. EnExPlan does building load calculations and provides information on energy saving suggestions. Technical as well as non-technical users will find EnExPlan intuitive to use since the program provides step-by-step assistance all along the way. EnExPlan comes loaded with tools and features to help you understand how you are using your energy. EnExPlan can manage an unlimited number of buildings and help building owners and managers quickly benchmark their buildings and identify.

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Major Capabilities:
Whole Building Energy Simulation, Load Calculations, Energy Conservation Measures
Building Type:
Portfolio Scale
English, French, Mandarin, Spanish
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Free Email Support, Free Chat/IM Support, Free Phone Support
Last Software Update:
October 10, 2015
Basic technical understanding is sufficient for most functions. Technical background is suggested for using the module in precise (advanced) mode.
The software is for building owners and managers as well as companies and organizations that use real estate for their operations and who want to find, implement, and track energy savings in their buildings or premises. It is also for energy professionals and contractors that do energy saving proposals for their clients.
EnExPlan can work for either existing buildings or for buildings in planning mode. The program has two working modes, simplified and precise. In the simplified mode the program includes a number of default values to help the user in the creation of a building. At a minimum user will need to enter the overall building dimensions and utility invoices (for existing buildings). In precise mode, although many values are suggested by default, EnExPlan will invite the user to enter additional building information such as window dimensions (or at a minimum, percentage), walls composition, schedules of operations as well as building and production equipment. All information is entered directly on the pages via a combination of text and selections from pop up and drop down windows.
EnExPlan provides numerous reports to the users, some pre-formatted and others completely customizable, both available on screen and exportable in PDF mode. It also includes a customizable dashboard. Available reports include • Energy Balance Sheet • Carbon Footprint (current and progress) • Benchmarking (current, progress and targets tracking) • Overall Building Report (simplified and detailed) • Load Calculations • Building Overview • Business Case • Energy Consumption • Future Energy Estimates • Weather Reports • Consolidated Portfolio • Lifecycle Cost/Lifecycle Saving • Others
EnExPlan enables non-energy experts to conduct the same detailed load calculations and energy saving estimations as energy specialists would, at a fraction of the time, and at a fraction of the cost normally required. Features such as “Easy Steps” and the “Building Wizard” make it easy to create rapidly, virtually any type of building, and perform complete load calculations for any region in the world. The software enables the user to quickly select energy-saving opportunities from a library of opportunities, apply them, and run energy-saving simulations. EnExPlan enables for managing of energy consumption and savings for a potentially unlimited number of buildings. Portfolio managers can benchmark their buildings against other buildings within their portfolio as well as benchmark their buildings against industry averages. EnExPlan can be used for both existing buildings as well as at the building planning stage to optimize the buildings energy consumption (before they are built). EnExPlan can also be used to validate energy-saving proposals from suppliers.