Energinet Energy Management Software


Energinet is an administrative system for Energy, Waste and Environment Management.

  • Energinet helps YOU to save energy, CO2 and costs
  • Energinet is very cost effective without any hidden costs and will boost your ROI
  • Energinet is flexible and can receive information from any 3.rd party systems in any format
  • Energinet has no limitations regards to users, buildings, structure, energy/production blocks, meters, calculations and more
  • Energinet is user friendly and is adaptable to the user’s level of knowledge need for information

Energinet is an Energy Monitoring System (EnMS) that is developed especially for the present and the future tool – the Internet. We have developed a complete EMS system that does not require great effort or knowledge on the part of the user. The information presented varies, tailored to each user’s position in their organisations hierarchy, their need for information and their professional knowledge. Energinet ensures that you maintain focus on your energy consumption – automatically. This is important! If the focus is changed, energy consumption will rise again.

Our system has a very simple user interface. No information is further away than three clicks. Using reports, ET curves (Energy/Temperature) or alerts in case of deviations, you may use Energinet is a key tool in your work related to Energy Saving. Do you have the nerve to receive information about your energy consumption? Only by focusing on your energy consumption, can you save 5-10% of the energy costs!

With Energinet, you have complete and efficient control of all the energy consumption of your buildings. The system is modular so there is no limitation to the number of users. With the Report generator, you can easily create your own custom reports in addition to many standard reports. By means of scheduled reports and automatic alerts, we safeguard focus on Energy Saving efforts. Use as little time as possible while making the greatest possible reduction in energy consumption without large capital-investments!

All users receive access to the web-based system with a user name and password and in accordance with their access level. Energinet features secure import and export of data. The web server uses the very safe and robust Apache server technology. Energinet is the complete system to manage energy consumption. In addition, it documents and verifies the results of investing in and implementing Energy Saving Measures.

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Major Capabilities:
Utility Bill and Meter Data Analysis, Weather Data and Climate Analysis, Building Energy Monitoring, Other
Building Type:
Commercial, Portfolio Scale
Help And Support:
Free Email Support, Free Chat/IM Support, Free Phone Support, Subscription Email Support, Subscription Chat/IM Support, Subscription Phone Support, Third Party Support
Last Software Update:
December 17, 2015
No limitation on users, meters, reports, third party formats, custom reports or custom meter types.