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The learning curve of EnergyPlus and OpenStudio is steep. EffiBEM can ease you into it, build your skills, and help you gain advanced mastery of these tools. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced user, or if you want to learn how to integrate software programming into the mix, we can fully tailor a solution to your needs. No need to spend time on something you already know, you can be part of defining what course syllabus is exactly right for you. Similarly, you can opt for an intensive, hands-on training, or prefer several short sessions where you will be given exercises to do on your own in between. Trainings can be given in both English or French, online or in-house. We understand (and develop!) both EnergyPlus and OpenStudio at the source-code level, and we want to transfer this knowledge to you. Areas we could cover:

  • Getting Started with OpenStudio / EnergyPlus
  • Advanced Modeling concepts (combined heat and power, loop controls, etc)
  • Scripting for EnergyPlus (Eppy)
  • OpenStudio scripting, done right: learn in a terminal, not writing measures.
  • Input/Output to/from Excel/CSV to your BEM Software of choice
  • BEM model output analysis in Python and Pandas
  • Building a custom workflow for you (eg: deploying docker containers, etc)
  • etc.

We also offer paid support and debugging of project-specific models. For more information or a quote, get in touch at contact@effibem.com and check out our website at www.effibem.com!

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June 2, 2018
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