DEXMA Platform


Founded in 2007, DEXMA By Spacewell is a software that provides cloud-based Energy Management Solutions for both tertiary and industrial buildings that enable facility managers, energy auditors and building owners across the world to detect, analyse and optimise energy consumption and costs.

DEXMA Platform is an AI-powered solution, cloud-based and integrated with 100+ metering / sensoring data-sources. It combines Big Data Analysis, advanced monitoring, alerts and reporting in an easy-to-use, scalable SaaS solution, which the vendor claims is constantly being improved by their internal data science team.

We have a global presence, working closely with a network of +150 partners in 30 countries. Today, we serve more than 4.000 organisations with +80.000 buildings worldwide.

DEXMA invites you to contact them if you are interested in using their solution to reduce your energy consumption and become a more efficient and sustainable company!

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Major Capabilities:
Energy Conservation Measures, Utility Bill and Meter Data Analysis, Weather Data and Climate Analysis, Building Energy Monitoring
Building Type:
Commercial, Industrial
Help And Support:
Subscription Email Support, Subscription Chat/IM Support, Subscription Phone Support
Last Software Update:
February 10, 2019