Thermal load calculation of buildings according to the Radiant Time Series Method (RTSM), proposed by ASHRAE, integrated in the OPEN BIM workflow via the IFC4 standard. Features: – Import of BIM models (IFC4) generated by CAD/BIM programs – BIM model synchronization – “ASHRAE Weather Data Viewer 4.0” database with 5.564 stations located around the world – Cooling and heating loads based on the Radiant Time Series Method (RTSM) of ASHRAE TM – Heating loads based on EN 12831 code – ISO 6946. Building components and building elements — Thermal resistance and thermal transmittance — Calculation method – ISO 13370. Definicion Thermal performance of buildings — Heat transfer via the ground — Calculation methods – ISO 14683. Thermal bridges in building construction — Linear thermal transmittance — Simplified methods and default values – ISO 10456. Building materials and products. Hygrothermal properties – Automatic shading detection over the calculation model – Automatic edge detection and thermal bridges generation – Calculation of the thermal transmittance in linear thermal bridges, based on the ISO 10211

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Whole Building Energy Simulation, Load Calculations, Code Compliance
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Commercial, Residential, Multi Family
EnergyPlus, IFC
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October 2, 2015