Building Energy Asset Score


Asset Score provides a targeted energy efficiency evaluation of a building’s envelope (its roof, walls and windows) and its major energy-related systems (such as lighting, hot water, and HVAC systems). These physical and structural elements have a significant impact on how efficiently energy is used within a building regardless of how the building is operated or the behavior of its occupants. The Asset Score normalizes for operational and occupancy variables, and does not require users to collect energy consumption data.

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United States
Major Capabilities:
Whole Building Energy Simulation, Energy Conservation Measures, Ratings and Certificates, Building Energy Auditing
Building Type:
EnergyPlus, OpenStudio
Help And Support:
Free Email Support, Peer Support Forum
Last Software Update:
November 6, 2017
Building owners, third-party property and facilities managers, energy services companies and consultants, utility program administrators, architects, building engineers, and state and local governments.
General building information, including year of completion, gross floor area, location, use type; building energy ‘assets’, including envelope, lighting and components; and building geometry, including footprint shape and dimensions.
Energy asset score displayed on a graphical 10 point scale, and an asset score report which includes an energy efficiency assessment of the building’s individual systems; total estimated building energy usage and energy use by end use under standard operating conditions; and recommended opportunities to upgrade building efficiency.
Enables users to quickly compare the physical energy efficiency of their building with other buildings; communicate building efficiency to the marketplace; and identify opportunities to invest in energy efficiency upgrades.