Assembly U-factor Calculator


Centre for Advanced Research in Building Science and Energy (CARBSE) at CEPT University has developed a wall and roof construction thermal transmittance or thermal Conductance (U – Factor) calculator. This is an online tool, to be accessed freely over internet. The values derived by the tool are specific for the city. Thermal properties of materials used by the tool are derived by extensive characterization of generic construction materials available in various parts of India at CARBSE, CEPT University. The tool can be used for selection of building material, construction, for building energy modelling and analysis as well as for code compliance. This tool is supported by Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Govt. of India and Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation, India.

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Major Capabilities:
Load Calculations, Life Cycle Analysis, Other
Building Type:
Subsystem Level
Help And Support:
Free Email Support
Last Software Update:
January 1, 2015
Basic knowledge regarding construction assemblies and heat transfer
Architects, MEP Engineers, Energy Analysts, Students
Information regarding geographical location, assembly type, construction material, etc.
Calculator provides U-factor of the assembly for using static and dynamic methods, thermal properties of individual layers, surface heat transfer coefficient calculations which can be viewed on the screen.
Calculator extracts thermal properties of each construction material from inbuilt database which has been derived by extensive characterization of generic construction materials available in India. Construction assembly can also be saved for future use.