AGI32 is a three-dimensional lighting design and rendering program for electric lighting and daylight analysis. The software can produce predictive lighting system calculations simultaneously with accurate visualizations for any application of electric lighting and/or daylighting.

AGI32 employs state of the art radiosity technology for accurate analysis of interreflected light and interactive rendered environments. For photorealistic effects, AGI32 can add a post radiosity process ray-trace to reveal specular reflections and more closely defined shadows.

AGI32 computes a wide variety of lighting specific quantities in accordance with IES and CIE guidelines for interior and exterior lighting applications. Advanced roadway, daylighting and LEED specific calculations can also be performed.

Many architectural environments are easily created using the various internal Room and Object tools. CAD created 3D environments can be imported for more complex geometries via DWG format files.

AGI32 has online access to a detailed library of manufacturers photometric data for convenience, although users can operate the software with any IES or LDT format photometric file obtained separately. Drag and drop functionality from the internet is also supported when importing photometric data.

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Lighting Simulation
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June 30, 2010
Basic understanding of lighting design, calculation and terminology. Cad experience is helpful but not required (similar interface).
Engineers, lighting designers, sales professionals, DOT’s, utilities and anyone in need of quantifying lighting results (illuminance, luminance, etc.)
Internal modeling tools, Cad import (2d or 3d), photometric data (IES, LDT, CIB formats)
Point-by-point illuminance, pavement luminance, and more depending on the calculated metrics. Radiosity based interactive 3D visualization.
One calculation yields completely interactive 3D visualization.